Escape The Labyrinth Released on Steam + Player Competition

Today we released Escape The Labyrinth on Steam. To celebrate we are running a competition. It’s pretty simple, the person with the highest score on the 1st of October will win a DeathAdder Elite Ergonomic Esports Gaming Mouse. However we have a catch, If someone is able to figure out how to escape from our labyrinth and tweet us the finish, the competition will end and this person will instantly win the gaming mouse. Think you have what it takes? Pick up your copy of Escape The Labyrinth now!

Terms and conditions for taking part in the ProjectKlowd’s Escape The Labyrinth Competition:

Purchase and install Escape The Labyrinth on the steam store.

Play Escape The Labyrinth and submit your score to the Global leaderboard.

Should a player complete the labyrinth before the competition duration has ended, this player will instantly win the prize and the competition will end.

If you complete the labyrinth you MUST contact us via twitter or email with proof of completion e.g screenshot or video.

That's it! (Time frame for give away event September 15th - October 1st) Top of the leader board will win first prize unless the labyrinth is completed.