An Esports Life, NEW GAME

So! as promised this is the first of many big announcements for 2019. ProjectKlowd are pleased to announce we have begun work on a new game “An Esports Life” Progress is going great and we expect to have an alpha soon!

You’re probably wondering “What is this game about?!” , well here are the words of the developer who has come up with the concept “We know that many people out there have dreamt of being a professional video gamer competing at the highest level. An Esports Life brings allows the player to live this dream. We are creating a game which starts out where we all started, in a bedroom. The player must train and practice both their own skills and their team's skills in order to compete and advance, be it competing in qualifiers for large tournaments, travelling to LAN events, or rising through the ranks of online leagues. We want the player to experience the highs and lows of any pro's rise to fame and fortune. Greatness is not forged overnight but takes time, but with time, comes new technology. Upgrade and customise your setup and your surroundings with a variety of different furniture and peripherals. Like what you've read? We strongly recommend you become one of our patrons help us create this game to the standard you deserve!”

This ‘Tycoon’ style game currently features ;

  • Levels and Skills - Practice and train your character to level up a variety of skills and attributes.

  • Customisable Rig - Buy new peripherals, monitors, PC's, chairs and even desks to improve your play

  • Online Leagues - Rise through the ranks of several online leagues to reach the top

    But it doesn't stop there, many more customisable features are on the way, with the dream of bringing the game to other platforms for different audiences!

    Of course, we couldn't of made it this far without the support of the community we have had so far and we thankyou sincerely! But we still need help to get this concept to reach its full potential! Project Klowd have started a Patreon page so our audience can show there support and see the game come to fruition, donators will see many bonuses including a game development diary! to see how we make our games and get to know the developers on a more personal level! If this is something that interests you, please check the page at

    As always, Thankyou for your time
    ProjectKlowd Team