ProjectKlowd, an indie game developer based in Weymouth, reopened it's doors in April 2018 after a long 5 year break. It's founders, Charles and Ashley, have set out on their new adventure to make something of a brand they dreamed up many years ago. The mission? To make games that are loved and played by many. Our main inspiration was our own love and obsession with games from a young age. The way that a player can lose his or herself within a story or fantasy world, the way that games bring together people from all ages, nationalities and backgrounds, and the way that we all connect with games. This is what we fell in love with, and this is what we want to produce for others. we want to support the community with new skills and give you great games! I hope you will join us on our journey and support us in our endeavours. 


Escape the Labyrinth

Available On Steam


Our Team


Charles Benson (CHAZZA)

Founder of ProjectKlowd Game Studios/ Lead Developer/ C# Unity Coder 6+ Years Experiance

Twitter; @ChazzaCS

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Ashley Brown (ASHMAN)

Founder of ProjectKlowd Game Studios/ Lead 3D artist & animator/ Blender3D with 6+ years Experience

Twitter; @ashmanbrown


Olli! (Exodev)

ProjectKlowd team member/ Lead developer of ‘Vengeance’/ C# Unity Coder 7+ years Experiance

Twitter; @TitanCoder

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ProjectKlowd London gang member / Lead developer of London Land / C# Unity Experience, SQL and C++ / Low poly monster

Twitter; @toadflax

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There is always room for more members at ProjectKlowd, if you want to be a part of making community games check out the ‘Contact’ tab


Tylor holmes (AbnormalBUILDER)

ProjectKlowd team member/ Blender3d artist/ specialise in armoured vehicles. 6 years experience

Twitter; @AbnormalBuilder

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